Protected Properties

The Lake Clear Conservancy owns four of the islands in Lake Clear. While the overall acreage of LCC holdings is quite small, we believe that, when it comes to protecting water quality, islands require special consideration. By definition, they have shoreline on all sides, and natural shoreline is the most important defense against pollutants. The impact of development on an island is inversely proportional to its size; indeed, the smaller the island, the less opportunity there is to mitigate impacts. This is why we are the proud owners of three of the smallest islands in the lake.

Plants find their way to islands by unknown means as no land corridor is available. If plants disappear because of disturbance, they can’t easily replace themselves.

Our areas of interest are not confined to islands. Indeed, we are interested in protection of all shorelands, whether through conservation easements, landowner education, or land acquisition.

Properties currently protected by the LCC are:


Green Island, AKA Sebastopol Island “A”: The rocky shoals around this 15 acre island are important lake trout spawning grounds. Its beautiful shoreline, while mostly treed, is interspersed with rock walls and sloping stone outcrops, and features 2 lagoons on the west side of the island. The island is characterized by diverse vegetation and a small coniferous swamp. At the time of the last flora and fauna inventory, a number of species of bird were observed, including Mallard, Song Sparrow, Northern Waterthrush, Common Grackle, Yellow-rumped Warblers and Swainson’s Thrush, this last a species not common in Renfrew County.


The Twins, AKA Sebastopol Islands “F” and “G”: These 2 tiny islands are located, side by side, in the center of the lake.

Island “F” is a 2 acre, well-treed island with a good diversity of herbs. At the time of its acquisition by the LCC, there was considerable human disturbance as campers had created a trail system and built fire pits and a privy. Nonetheless, a butterfly normally unseen in Renfrew County (Satyr Comma) was spotted on the island.

Island “G” has been a Herring Gull nesting island. This species, which prefers undisturbed islands on inland lakes, tends to use the same islands repeatedly. The ground on this island is sparsely covered with herbs, mostly along the shoreline, and bare soil or rock.


Island “I”: Popularly known as “Little Rock”, this island has recently been officially renamed “Lornie Foran Island” in memory of Judge Lorne Foran. Judge Foran was very concerned about preserving the pristine islands in Lake Clear and was one of the founders of the Lake Clear Conservancy. This 1acre island was acquired by donation when the township ordered the previous owner to remove the illegal structure that had been built there. LCC volunteers removed the structure and introduced some native plants to the site. This island has also been a Gull nesting site, and the LCC is working with the Bonnechere River Watershed Project to monitor the impacts of the Gull population on the water quality of the western shore.