Island Camping Program

Island Camping

The Booking Calendar is now closed for the season. The calendar will re-open May 1st, 2022 for reservations beginning the long weekend in May 2022.

The Lake Clear Conservancy (LCC) administers camping activities on three (3) specific Crown islands under the auspices of a land-use permit granted by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and held by Bonnechere Valley Township.  While most campers are responsible, there is a need for some oversight to prevent degradation of the islands. The goal of this camping management program is to ensure that wilderness camping activities on Lake Clear are conducted in an orderly and environmentally respectful manner. It is very important that these islands, which are such an integral part of the lake’s natural heritage landscape, can continue to be enjoyed by all.

There are 7 campsites in the camping program, each of which features a tent platform, privy, and firepit; provided and maintained by volunteers. Camping is permitted only on the 7 designated campsites; camping on any other island is prohibited.

Campers should be aware that camping on Crown land is considered “wilderness camping”; i.e., few amenities are provided, and campsite users must bring their own firewood and remove ALL refuse. 

Reserving a Campsite

Campers must use this website to reserve a campsite.

A $40 non-refundable, non-exchangeable administration fee is levied with each online campsite reservation. While camping on the islands is otherwise free, this modest administration fee is used solely to defray operational costs being incurred by the LCC for its camping reservation application and other ongoing campsite maintenance work.

Campers must agree to the terms and conditions before completing their reservation form and must always have their confirmation available with them at the campsite. No camping is allowed without a reservation.


Where to Park and Launch your Boat

Boat launching, and parking are available only at Opeongo Mountain Resort (OMR) on Lake Clear Road.  Please verify with OMR to confirm any additional costs associated with parking and/or boat launching to ensure you’re prepared for any additional costs.

For directions, use this wording in either Google maps ( or your own GPS device – 949 Lake Clear road, Eganville, Ontario (or substitute Bonnechere Valley for Eganville). For more information check their website at

There is NO PARKING PERMITTED at any time on Wieland Shore Road or Lake Clear Road. You will be fined, and your vehicle may be towed away.

A Word of Caution

The lake may appear to be calm when viewed from the shore at Opeongo Mountain Resort (OMR); however, winds are primarily from the West, which can result in rougher water further out on the lake. If you are concerned, follow the south shore until you are near your selected island.


Lake Clear1

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Select one of the island names below to check availability.

A) Haines Island

B) Muddy Island

C) Blueberry Island

Each site where camping is permitted is identified by a numbered sign that looks like this: